Important Final/Summer info.

Important Final/Summer info. 


~Diplomas and final transcripts will be ready to pick up the week of June 1st - June 5th. Please come in between the hours of 9pm-3pm to pick these items up.  

~All items belonging to Nyssa High School must be returned and all fees paid prior to picking up your diploma/final transcript. 

~All fees/fines must be paid no later than June 5th. If fees/fines are not paid by June 5th you will not be eligible for the senior check drop that will be paid out to seniors in lieu of your class party.

~Seniors who paid for a class of 2020 shirt will be reimbursed an additional $7. 

(Please pay by Check, cash, or money order. We do not accept cards of any kind. Thanks!)

College Credit Reimbursement:

~All Col-Cred reimbursement forms are due no later than June 15th. Forms required for reimbursement are: College Credit reimbursement form, final unofficial TVCC transcript, and receipts from TVCC showing payment. Any forms turned in late will not be reimbursed.

(if you need the ‘college credit reimbursement form’ please email MRS. SAPP and she will send you one. All other documents can be found on your TVCC student portal.)

~The only college credit classes that are available for reimbursement are the classes taught by Nyssa High School Instructors. 

Summer School Info/Summer hours:

~If you received an “INC” on your report card and would like to make that credit up during SUMMER SCHOOL, please call Edith Gonzalez at 541-372-2961. 

If you have any questions about receiving an “INC” please call the high school office at 541-372-2287.

~Summer hours:

May 26th - June 19th 8:30AM - 3:30PM

June 22nd - July 17th TUES. & THURS. 8:30AM - 3:00PM