April 9, 2020

The Graduating Class of 2020,
What a difference a day makes! My communication from yesterday has already changed. Here is the most
recent information and how it impacts our seniors.
As you know, In a press release on April 8, 2020, Governor Kate Brown extended the Oregon state-wide
school closure for the remainder of the school year. State guidelines were also issued to minimize the impact
on our seniors and to ensure that they are able to get credit, graduate on time, and transition to the next step of
their life. This publication stated, “We will honor and recognize that seniors dedicated 12 years and 7 months
of learning and progress during their K-12 careers. Our goal is to hold students harmless, recognize their
accomplishments and protect their future plans. Less than 2 percent of seniors’ total K-12 learning time has
been impacted by COVID-19.”
So for our Nyssa High School graduating class of 2020 the following adjustments will be made:
● Any senior who was passing their class as of the date of the school closure, March 13, will receive a P
(Pass) and credit for the second semester and will not be required to continue with distance learning for
that class. These grades will not impact their cumulative grade point average (GPA)
● Any senior not passing their class as of March 13, will not be considered passing and will continue with
distance learning for that class until the end of the year to earn the credit necessary for graduation.
This also applies to any senior or 5th year senior working on credit recovery through Edgenuity.
● Within a week we will have audited all senior transcripts and will be notifying all seniors and their
parents of individual graduation status and plans.
● The graduation requirements for essential skills, community service, and career related learning will
also be waived.
We will continue to provide distance learning for all seniors as an opportunity for additional learning and to
ensure their readiness for college, technical training, or employment. We encourage you to take advantage of
the opportunity. It also fosters connections and key relationships with your teachers and classmates for the
remainder of the school year. Additional learning will always be an advantage!
We are currently making plans to meet as a site council to begin the planning process for graduation. We will
have a graduation ceremony. Please plan on it being held and/or released on the same date as previously
scheduled. We will do all that we can to make this a meaningful celebration for all our seniors while honoring
our governor’s directives for social distancing.
We know ending the school year in this manner is extremely difficult and disappointing for all of us. We
appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to make the best of a really difficult situation. Life
does not have to be perfect to be amazing. We are extremely proud of each of our seniors and will do all we
can to help them through this challenging time. I promise you this is a year that will never be forgotten.
Please contact us if you have questions.

Brett Jackman