Our Vision: All students are thriving citizens realizing their potential.

Meeting about Total Solar Eclipse Field Trip - July 24   7 PM   Auditorium
Please help us make this a memorable event for our students by providing concerns and solutions through this survey. Please copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KCKDK5N
Information Update based on survey questions:  Middle and High School students will leave the schools at 8:45 AM and will go to the Theater for a presentation upon arriving at TVCC.  Elementary students will leave at approximately 10:15 AM and will congregate by grade level by the TVCC drop off in marked areas. Only parents/adults and students arriving on busses will be allowed onto the lower TVCC grass area which will have barriers.  Public viewing at TVCC will be allowed at the upper area by the Gym. We will have local police staff with us, and ALL Nyssa School District staff have been invited to attend.  There will be many adults in addition to parents who are able to chaperone. If you would like to make this a family event or have your child to stay home from school on August 21, there will be a form that can be completed during registration to allow for that - there will be no adverse action for these situations.
Monday, July 31  5pm - 9pm     Tuesday, August 1  8am - 9pm    
Wednesday, August 2 8am-3pm
If you can't come in at these times, please contact your school office.
All students in the Nyssa School District are eligible for summer food benefits.  Each family with children in school will either receive an EBT card in the mail or have funds added to their current EBT card.  The amount will be $91 per child for use during June, July, August and before September 5, 2017.
If you have questions, please contact Jana Iverson at (541) 372-2275.
(Also check School Board on the drop down menu and the Middle School Construction.)
\Immunization Report for School Age Children.pdf   (Informe de inmunización para niños de edad escolar)
\Immunization Report for Under School Age Children .pdf  (Informe de inmunización para niños de edad escolar)
DIVISION 22  Oregon Standards for Elementary and Secondary Schools
Nyssa School District meets all areas for 2016-2017.  \Division 22 Standards.docx
For information on Nyssa Middle School Construction, click here:  \School-Board\Nyssa-Middle-School-Construction
Nyssa Sports Schedules  Live Schedules & Updates by Phone or Email

 Phone Option:

1. Download Big Teams App to your phone
2. Enter State
3. Scroll to find Nyssa High School
4. Select what athletic schedules you want to follow
5. In Settings select notifications you would like receive

Email & Website Option:
1. Go to schedulestar.com
2. Click Parent/Fan Login and create account
3. Search for Nyssa High School
4. Select what alerts you would like to receive

Early Head Start
Child care for ages 0 to 3 years.
Contact for qualifications:

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Nyssa School District serves approximately 1,150 students. The district is composed of four schools:

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