Nyssa Board of Directors

The Nyssa Board of Directors is comprised of seven board members who are the policy-making body of our district. Regular Session Board meetings are held every second Monday of the month at 7 pm in the Boardroom of the Administration Building. Special Session Board meetings will be announced at least 24 hours in advance per public meeting law.


Pat Morinaka - Board Chair Position #5 - Term Exp: 6/30/25 pat@nyssasd.org


Susan Ramos - Vice Chair Position #4 - Term Exp: 6/30/25 susan@nyssasd.org


Jeremy Peterson Position #1 - Term Exp: 6/30/27 jeremy@nyssasd.org


Maribel Ramirez Position #2 - Term Exp: 6/30/27 maribel@nyssasd.org

Donnie Ballou

Donny Ballou Position #3 - Term Exp: 6/30/27 donny@nyssasd.org

Dustin Martinsen

Dustin Martinsen  Position # 6 - Term Exp: 6/30/25 dustin@nyssasd.org 

Megan Robbins

Megan Robbins Position #7 - Term Exp: 6/30/25 megan@nyssasd.org