• Narrow your college choices to two or three: Talk to your counselor, research colleges on the internet, and make college visits if you haven't already done so.
  • Always have a back up plan: Choose a college that you want to go to, then choose one or two colleges in your state of residence to apply to. Out of state tuition can be costly; if the school you apply to does not offer you a good financial aid package (grants, scholarships, low interest loans), you may want to consider a college in state that has your major.
  • Be organized: Look at the online college applications, become familiar with deadlines and make a checklist of things you need to do.
  • Take tests: Four year schools require that you take the ACT or SAT assessment. Study for it, and take it in April. Fee waivers are available in the counseling office.
Sophomores & Freshmen
  • Have you completed six (6) hours of community service this year? Remember, you need 24 hours to graduate.....6 hours for each year you are in high school. Community service must be documented in the high school office with in 2 weeks of performing the service. Take advantage of the opportunities available this spring at track meets, the elementary school carnival, and with the Chamber of Commerce.
  • Create a list of every extracurricular activity (sports, FFA, FBLA, etc.) that you have participated in. Also include a list of awards or honors you have earned, community service you have performed, and any community activities you have participated in. This list will be an advisory assignment each year and you will use it to apply to scholarships and colleges. If you keep an up to date list, you will not to miss getting any activity on your list.