What will I need to apply for college?
  • High school transcript: All colleges require official transcripts before granting admissions. The transcript is a record of all of your high school classes and grades along with your overall average GPA. This will be sent directly to the college from your high school. Remember that every senior in your class will be sending out transcripts, so waiting until the last minute could hold up your application.
  • Standardized test scores: Many schools require you to submit your scores from the SAT Reasoning Test, SAT Subject Test and/or the ACT test. Your results on these tests provide admissions counselors with an important snapshot of your academic potential as a college student. You can arrange to have your scores sent to colleges when you take the test, when you get the results, or both.
  • Letters of recommendation: Most college applications will ask for three letters of recommendation: two from teachers and one from your high school counselor or principal. You can also include additional letters from adults who know you well. These letters can be from coaches, bosses or other adults who can comment on your character and leadership skills. Give people as much time as possible to write a letter for you, and let them know if there are any traits or accomplishments you want them to include.