A few pics of what's happening here at Nyssa Early Head Start
3 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
learning social-emotional skills and making friends!
putting together puzzles
spaghetti days are the best!
Becky will be working hard to make our meals this week! Check out our Menu!
3 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
menu for the week
We love Becky and the delicious meals she serves!
7 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
Menu for the week
We are wrapping up our first week of class with lots of learning and growing!
13 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
Breakfast in the Owls classroom! Yum!
Feeding dolls in the Butterflies Room
Exploring books in the Owls Classroom
Caterpillars classroom cleaning and caring for dolls!
Becky is cooking up some yummy food for us! Check it out!
17 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
Menu for August 30-Sept 3
Reminder! Our new phone number is: 541 372 9214
20 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
Five years ago, Nyssa Early Head Start began with 3 staff members and a blank canvas! We enrolled 8 children in the first year and quickly expanded, adding 14 kids to our enrollment! Since then, we have helped dozens of children learn and grow in social/emotional, physical, cognitive, and literacy skills!
20 days ago, Cyndi Thompson
bulldog puppy