Nyssa Middle School Construction

June 2017 Photos  \2017-2018\MS 6.14.2017.jpg          \2017-2018\MS 6.03.2017.jpg
 Committee Members
  Board Members  Dennis Savage, Co-Chairman
  Michael Hartley, Co-Chairman
  Administrators Jana Iverson, Superintendent
  Luke Cleaver, Nyssa Middle School Principal
  Teachers Roger Hunter
  Chris Carlton
  Community Beatriz Gonzalez
  Frank Ausman
  Bob Peterson
  Custodial Vince Perez
Proposed Floor Plan  11-11-16.pdf                  Perspective Views  \Middle School Construction\Perspective Views.pdf
Proposed Site Plan \Site Plan 04.03.2017.pdf
\Birds Eye.jpg               \Main Entry.jpg                   \West End.jpg                \Finish Floor Plan Area A        
Notes about floor plan:
  • Because the current Commons of NMS is structurally sound and provides twice as many square feet as a newly constructed Commons would, but for approximately $100,000 less, it will remain in place with new construction built around it.